The Seychelles National Library operates both as a public and a national library.  It falls under the Department of Culture. in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.  delete the part in red as we no longer form part of a ministry.


To develop the Seychelles National Library as one of the country’s main information centre.


-  It provides  public library services for educational, informational and recreational needs

of all individuals, thus leading to a cultured nation.

-  It provides  national library services for the preservation and bibliographic control of the

Country's literature, for posterity and for the standardization and development of  library services

in general.


  • Acquire, maintain and make available resources covering all fields of knowledge to all.
  • Acquire, maintain and preserve a comprehensive collection of the national literary output and to provide access to information for all.
  • Provide lending, reference, referral, information technology and reprographic services.
  • Provide an adequate and conducive environment for reading, study and reference purposes.
  • Provide equal access to library resources and services to all groups within the community.
  • Promote and encourage the use of the library and its resources.
  • Encourage and support the involvement of the community in library development.
  • Develop standards for library services.
  • Act as a national bibliographic centre and to maintain the national bibliography and other bibliographies as appropriate.
  • Initiate and promote cooperation between the National Library and other libraries both locally and internationally.
  • Provide leadership and participate in the planning and development of libraries in Seychelles.
  • Provide  means for the professional development of staff.
  • Work in partnership with stakeholders to support community development